5 Things To Know About Studying Online As An International Student

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many things have been put on hold indefinitely, even as we continue to adapt to the new normal. Road trips, holidays…even studying overseas. Yes, the safety precautions of travel lock-downs in most countries will definitely get in the way of pursuing studies abroad. However, it’s not the end of the world as students living abroad can further their studies online instead!

With globalisation and the i4 revolution, online classes have gone from being only on sci-fi novels and movies, to an actual reality.

In this article, we share some basic factors to consider before deciding to study online as an international student.

1. Flexible schedules

Online courses and programmes provides a flexible schedule which allows you to balance studies and personal commitments, such as work or even family life. Although, you may need to be online at a specific time for a particular lecture with good time management, you tend to gain so much more with a flexible study schedule (this does NOT mean you can be slapdash and procrastinate, please complete your coursework on time!).

2. Location flexibility

With online learning, you can attend classes from the comfort of your own home, in any part of the world! Yes, you heard it right. With internet access you can focus more on studying and completing your assignments. In fact, you benefit by saving time getting ready for class, and lower your expenses having to commute to campus.

3. Cost savings

The cost of some online courses tends to be much lesser than conventional face-to-face learning. You will save money in terms of accommodation, travel expenses, etc. This way, you can invest more money in setting up steady internet access, and a conducive environment for studying at home!

4. Availability of courses

In the new norm, studying online has become the most convenient way to further studies. With a growing number of educational institutions offering online http://theshoalspharmacy.com courses and programmes, you have the option of finding the right course that best suits your interest, whether a Diploma, Bachelor’s or even Master’s programme. Some institutions such as Veritas University College, enable students to experience studying fully online, or blended learning for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

5. Access to course materials

With online courses, you have access to various courses and reference materials, such as video lectures and lecture notes. At BAC, students (both local AND international) benefit from access to LMS (Learning Management System) for live lectures, tutorials, and recordings for future reference. Better still, these study materials are available whenever you need them, making studying less stressful and easier.

With a wide range of courses available online in the new normal, the traditional learning experience has certainly transformed into a fully digital one to equip students with relevant future-proof skills.

Discover how you can gain world-class qualifications as an international student through our amazing online learning experience in the new normal.