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ProdigyAsia Series (PASS)

Effectiveness in today’s business climate requires both expertise and resourcefulness. Through the ProdigyAsia Solution Series (PASS), BAC is committed to delivering both, on-demand, to help you perform at your best. 

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Budget & Financial Report

Corporate CounselParticipants will learn the fundamentals of budgeting and the actual process of budgeting for any business purpose.

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Collaborative Intelligence

Corporate CounselThe programme enables participants to be proficient team players by way of leveraging and synergizing their individual skills with other stakeholder's intelligence for collaborative intellectual management.

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Classroom Management

Corporate CounselThis workshop intensive course intends to raise awareness among the educators on the importance of embracing the journey of the Whole Teacher.

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Customer Service Excellence

Corporate CounselThis workshop will look at the types of customers and how we can serve them better whilst improving ourselves in the process.

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Finance for Non Finance Personnel

Corporate CounselThis programme designed for people with non-finance background, enhances participants to understand and interpret the financial documents like the audited profit and loss account,

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Goal Setting & Time Management

Corporate CounselThis programme prepares participants for the entire systematic practical process and the practice of SMART goal setting.

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Leadership, the 4th Discipline

Corporate CounselThis course unravels the inherited leadership talents hidden in every individual, irrespective of what background they come, and bring out the charismatic, transformational,

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Lean Process & 6 Sigma

Corporate CounselThe last couple of decades small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies have embraced Six Sigma to generate more profit and greater savings.

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Managing with Supervision

Corporate CounselGood managers know how to achieve positive results through people. Motivating and retaining talented people can give your organization a true competitive advantage.

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Organizational Behaviors & Skills

Corporate CounselA wonderful programme that will make participants understand the secrets of optimizing human capital. Understand the DNA, traits, attitudes, behaviors, actions, habits,

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Performance Management through KPIs

Corporate CounselThe key in keeping an organization and employee aligned, which improves performance and productivity, is Performance Management.

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Presentation Skills

Corporate CounselThis programme teaches you the techniques of influence i.e.  the art and science of psychologically and consciously capturing the attention of the target audience.

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Risk Management

Corporate CounselThis course introduces participants to the concepts, principles, processes, and application of risk management in a construction project environment.

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Sales & Marketing Strategies

Corporate CounselThis course provides non marketing and sales professionals and business owners with simple, enlightening and entertaining insights as to what really matters and what really works (and what does not work)

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