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Leadership: The 5th Discipline
Level Professional Courses
Intakes On demand
Study Mode Workshop /
Duration 2 days
Programme Professional Development
School Professional Courses

Knowing about the principles of Leadership is one thing, but actually being that leader who exercises those qualities is quite another. This programme, first of all seeks to distinguish ‘the knowing’ and ‘the being’. The programme provides for specific tools and exercises to enable you to transcend the higher levels of leadership. You will also be made aware of self-imposed barriers which hinder your progress towards becoming a more relevant leader.

To a certain extent it is true that leaders are born with some innate qualities of leadership and out of that not very many are truly successful. This is because of the inability to balance the need for actual performance and a sustained working relationship. This is why, as a leader, it is extremely important to have a clear definition of success that has a ‘win for all’ element in it or else sustaining that leadership would be difficult.

This programme will help you discover this balance between relationship and performance in your role as a leader.