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Certificate in Legal English



This course is designed to prepare candidates for the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) examination. This qualification is for lawyers and law students to prove their ability to cope with everyday practical tasks in English when working in commercial law or studying in the law faculty of a UK or US university. The main objective of TOLES is to impart legal professionals with the skills, accuracy and confidence required when using English at work.

TOLES legal English training materials and exams have been developed following the advice of experienced commercial lawyers. The top requirements of employers are excellent drafting skills, first-class negotiating skills and a strong sense of commercial awareness. As members of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales we are in an excellent position to support international legal professionals in achieving these goals.

Course Outline

The TOLES programme consists of a structured course of legal English training materials supported by three levels of professional exams. The exam levels are progressive steps towards reaching the standard of legal English required by employers such as international commercial law firms, in-house legal teams in private companies and top-class translators.

TOLES Foundation is the first level in the TOLES series. It is for beginners/elementary level students of legal English It focuses on basic grammar and vocabulary and encourages commercial awareness. This exam tests reading and writing skills. The exam takes 90 minutes.

TOLES Higher is the second level in the TOLES series. It is for intermediate level students of legal English. It focuses on intermediate grammar and vocabulary and a realistic introduction to work. This exams tests reading, writing and listening skills. The exam takes 120 minutes.

Course length

24 hours per level (3 hours/week x 8 weeks)

Course Outcomes 

  • learn key vocabulary for commercial law
  • practice and improve the skills needed by lawyers working in an English-speaking context, such as negotiating, drafting and communicating with clients
  • be able to analyse authentic texts and legal documents
  • develops an awareness of the real tasks a lawyer carries out and focuses on real and recent legal developments and cases

Certificate in English Brochure

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