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ALSA BAC aims to promote a better understanding and appreciation of different jurisdictions, as well as help students expand their social networks.

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Applied Science Society


The purpose of this club is to promote interest, understanding and knowledge of the scientific world throughout the college and local community. The fundamental area of emphasis shall include Higher Order Thinking

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Badminton Club

ADMINTON-01The BAC Badminton Club welcomes all students, no matter what your skill level is, to train and enhance their racquet skills during their weekly sessions. 

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Basketball Club

basketballThe BAC Basketball Club invites all those who have a passion for basketball

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Book Club


Provide a platform for readers to connect and discuss with one another about books through active reading and self written literary works. The paragonic highlight of this organization includes

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Bowling Club


To give exposure to all students about bowling and not just strive academically but strive in co-curricular activities too. 

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Career Club

careerThe main purpose of this club is to assist students who are about to join the working world by providing advice on career 

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