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ALSA BAC aims to promote a better understanding and appreciation of different jurisdictions, as well as help students expand their social networks.

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Applied Science Society


The purpose of this club is to promote interest, understanding and knowledge of the scientific world throughout the college and local community. The fundamental area of emphasis shall include Higher Order Thinking

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Badminton Club

ADMINTON-01The BAC Badminton Club welcomes all students, no matter what your skill level is, to train and enhance their racquet skills during their weekly sessions. 

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Basketball Club

basketballThe BAC Basketball Club invites all those who have a passion for basketball

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Book Club


Provide a platform for readers to connect and discuss with one another about books through active reading and self written literary works. The paragonic highlight of this organization includes

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Bowling Club


To give exposure to all students about bowling and not just strive academically but strive in co-curricular activities too. 

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Career Club

careerThe main purpose of this club is to assist students who are about to join the working world by providing advice on career 

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Chess Club

chess-01If you are interested in learning new chess openings, tactics and improving your knowledge on chess as a whole; the BAC Chess Club is the place for you.

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Christian Fellowship

CHRISTIAN-01The BAC Christian Fellowship comprises a community of believers consecrated to Jesus Christ. 

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Debate Club

DEBATE-01The Debate Club welcomes those who enjoy presenting their opinions in a constructive manner (no, you don't have to major in law to debate).

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EduNation Club

edunationclubEduNation provides free online tuition for every Malaysian school student.

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ELS Drama Club


A courtroom drama based on the English Legal System Law (14S) syllabus.

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Futsal Club

FutsalThe BAC Futsal Club is made up of avid futsal enthusiasts. 

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Hobby Club


To introduce and influence a new way to define what is hobby and extraordinary hobby. For example, during world premier board game and magic, the gathering world premier trading card game. Thus students can explore a new world of hobby and board game. 

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Indian Cultural Society


The Indian Cultural Society of BAC provides families of Indian origin, and those with interest in India-avenues to celebrate and share in its diversity and to stay connected to its tradition, heritage and innovations.

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International Students’ Club

internationalstudentsPursuing your studies away from home and in a foreign country brings about its own set of challenges. 

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Japanese Culture Club


The Japanese Culture club is a place where interested students can come and relax with others who also enjoy Japanese culture. Besides, the Japanese Culture club also provides academic resources and insights into the study of Japanese language and culture.

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Korean Pop Club


This club helps to deepen ones insight on Korean music as well as culture through various activities. The one who have the same interest in Kpop can exchange their thoughts and share about their favourite Kpop group. Encourage the members to know more friends.

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Law Society


Law Society aims to be a club which represents all BAC law students. As a Law Society, we will organize events that enhance the law students experience and employability of law students. Besides,

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Leo Club

leo clubThe Leo Club is a youth service club organisation. It aims to empower volunteers 

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Magazine Club


The BAC Magazine was established to provide students with a platform to write and express their views. We hear students' opinions, enjoy their creativity, report and discuss applicable news, cover college events that may concern the students.

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Make It Right Movement Club The MIRM Club will be engaged in the exciting development of a concious and synergistic social good community of for-profit, not-for-profit and policy influencing entities, which will be able to leverage 

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Model United Nations Club

unitednationsThe MUN is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

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Mooting Society

mootingMooting is the verbal presentation of a legal issue or problem. 

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Performing Arts Club

performanceThe Performing Arts Club aims to showcase student talent in various performing arts such as dancing, singing and theatre.

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Rugby Club


The purpose of this club is basically to promote the game of rugby among Brickfields Asia College students. It is to provide members with basic knowledge of rugby and the chance to get an intensive know-how to the theory aspects of the game.

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Swimming Club

swimmingThe BAC Swimming Club seeks to provide an opportunity for all swimmers. 

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Table Tennis Club

If you’re looking for a fast moving, fun and active club, the Table Tennis Club of BAC is the place to be. Join the club and test your footwork, power and speed.

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Volleyball Club


We prioritize the development of the whole athlete where our main purpose is for players of all ages and gender to gain more than just basic volleyball knowledge and skill.

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