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Certificate in Malaysian Labour Law & Practice


Intake:    TBA
Speaker:  TBA
Time:       10.00a.m. - 1.00p.m.
                2.00p.m. - 5.00p.m.

Venue:     BAC PJ Campus, VSQ @ PJ City Centre, Jalan Utara, 
               46200, Petaling Jaya



The Certificate in Malaysian Labour Law and Practice is the ideal introduction to the field of Labour Law and Practice. This certificate will equip attendees with important aspects of this area of the law from which a career in this field can be developed, be it in the corporate sector or to practice in this branch of the law. The major areas concerning labour laws and practice will be covered to give participants an insight into not only what the necessary legal requirements are, but how to implement some of the more critical HR initiatives. All the relevant legislation related to labour laws will be explained in detail including the Employment Act 1955 and the Industrial Relations Act 1967 which are the two most important pieces of legislation in this branch of the law. Some of the more crucial areas for HR including retrenchment, mergers and acquisitions, constructive dismissal and the enforceability of restraints of trade will also be dissected to provide a thorough understanding of these delicate HR issues.

Who should attend:

•             Human Resource Managers/Executives

•             Industrial Relations Managers/Executives

•             General Managers

•             Legal Practitioners

•             In-house Counsel

Key Benefits:

  • Practical Pointers on how to structure the employment contract
  • Insights into incorporating essential employment terms in employment contracts
  • Review procedures for handling misconduct, termination and disputes


  • Minimum A-Level.
  • Other qualifications and work experience will be taken into consideration on an individual basis.

& Learning


Module 1: Overview of Labour Laws: Key Considerations

  • Employment Act 1955
  • Industrial Relations Act 1967
  • Trade Unions Act 1959
  • The Minimum Wage Order 2012
  • Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 (0verview)
  • Employees Social Security Act 1969 (overview)


Module 2: Overview of Labour Law - continued

  • Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012
  • Analysing the possible complications that may arise out of the implementation of   this Act
  • Reflecting on the potential resolutions
  • Employment (Part-time Employees) Regulations
  • The impact of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 on the employer-employee relationship


Module 3: Redundancy, Retrenchment & Restructuring: Legal Matters To Reckon With In the Employment Market

  • Is there legal justification and basis behind reorganisation & restructuring?
  • Is the employee’s position redundant as a consequent of reorganisation?
  • Does the retrenchment method conform to the accepted standards of industrial relations practice?


Module 4: Mergers & Acquisitions - Completing the Deal

  • Grasping the methods on how business combinations take place in Malaysia
  • Discovering the laws, rules and regulations that govern mergers, acquisition & takeovers
  • Understanding what sort of information needs to be disclosed to Bursa Malaysia

Module 5: Restraint of Trade in Employment

  • Protection of Legitimate Proprietary Interest
  • Trade Secrets
  • Non-solicitation of customers/clients
  • Is Reasonableness a Defence?


Module 6: The Doctrine Of Constructive Dismissal & Compensation – Awarded by the Industrial Court

  • Determining the severe employment protection regime under the Industrial Relations Act 1967
  • Are the damages adequate?
  • Defining “Legal Termination”
  • What amounts to constructive dismissal – critical case analysis? 
  • Can a breach of an implied term be considered as constructive dismissal? 


Each day will conclude with a discussion of case studies and a short assessment.


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·        Installment schemes

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