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East Coast Relief Blood Donation Drive (KL)

image001On the 7th January 2015, a blood donation drive was held at the LG Centre Court, Nu Sentral Shopping Centre, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, in aid of hospitals in the East Coast (i.e. Pahang and Kelantan) which are in dire need of blood supply – and thus the urge for people to help pull off this noble cause.
This vital event saw a joint effort between the Temple of Fine Arts, Klinik Derma Sivasanta, Yayasan Yakim, Sri Satya Sai and Nu Sentral Shopping Centre. Quite a number of students from BAC also volunteered and assisted with the blood donation drive and an estimate of 250 BAC students also donated blood for this cause.

The drive, initially aimed at garnering at least 500 blood donations, managed to exceed the target and collect around 800 donations on that very same day. It was simply amazing to see such tremendous support given, as evidenced by the long queue and increasing number of generous donors at the venue. Volunteers as well as the medical assistants were very hospitable and helpful in assisting the donors throughout the process.               

image004All those who were present at NU Sentral to donate, comprised of various ages. It was indeed great to see so many BAC students show up to lend their support. Some of them were first-time donors who were noticeably nervous having had a glance at the needles that were being used. Despite that, the student still attest that it was a worthwhile experience and this reflected a gesture of goodwill from the youngsters. Similarly, all the multiple-time donors felt that it was a blessing to be part of this virtuous initiative.



One pint of blood can save three lives”- this is the tagline employed by the National Blood Bank to encourage blood donation as it is tantamount to being a person’s life savior.