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The Legal Olympics with Richard Wee


Tales from the highly charged, day-to-day law practices of one of the sports industry's most esteemed attorneys riveted students who attended the LexTalk Series on Legal Olympics. The hour-long discussion, hosted by the BAC Law Society at the KL Campus provided an inside look at the challenges that face lawyers who represent athletes, leagues, and large venues. 


The speaker, Mr. Richard Wee is a Partner at Richard Wee & Yip who is well known for his passion for Civil Liberty issues and Sports Law. A huge fan of Everton Football Club in the English Premier League, Mr. Richard Wee is a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA).


“A new field that is on the rise and under-appreciated in Malaysia, Sports Law is the combination of various law related subjects from Contract to Tort” advised Richard Wee, “The best path to a sports-related career is to undergo the rigorous training gained from practicing at a firm. Work harder than anyone else and approach tasks with intellectual rigour. Accept constructive criticism and strengthen your communications skills. It is important that you develop the trust and confidence of the partner who supervises you.”

Sports-related law can be glamorous, but Richard Wee reminded students that it is a service-oriented business that requires hard work, client attentiveness, and a willingness to answer questions where the goal is to inspire confidence and trust. 


The BAC Law Society is a student-run organization that is dedicated to providing BAC students with an opportunity to learn about the field of law and the career options it provides. The society will seek to promote greater awareness and understanding of these opportunities within the field of law by appropriate means such as meetings, seminars, and other educational events. By working with other law-related student organizations on campus, we hope to establish a support infrastructure for law students at BAC.