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Raising The Bar On A Rare Disease



Last evening, in the main ballroom of the Empire Hotel, in Subang Jaya, an assembled group of more than 300 adults representing some of the best known companies and agencies in the public and private sectors of the Malaysian economy, spent a few hours learning a lot about the deepest meanings of life, achievement and success from a few very young people who know, all too well, the meaning of the words challenge and success.  


It was an event - as most are - filled with food, music, motivating speeches and musical performances. It was  … far more … than a simple charity dinner as those performances came mostly from those children and young adults impacted by this rare disease. It was an evening filled with inspiration, stories of courage and love, and in-person displays of triumph over adversity … the depth of which few ever know.



It was an event to raise money for the Malaysian Lyosomal Diseases Association (MLDA) held at the Empire Hotel. The Empire hosted the event without cost to the MLDA, and as the evening progressed, a story of giving back and CSR unfolded seamlessly with tens of thousands of ringgits donated to supporting this worthy cause. The government of Malaysia made a multi-year pledge of ten million ringgits per year much to the pleasure of the audience.


Mr. Raja Singham, Managing Director of Brickfields Asia College (BAC) and Founder of the Make It Right Movement (MIRM), gave a moving speech in which he committed to donating MYR 50,000 per year for the next 5 years calling upon the representatives of some well-known Malaysian companies who were in attendance to match his 5-year pledge in order to allow MLDA to pursue fund-raising activities without having to start from scratch every year. His call-to-arms was well received as was the concept of and the invitation to join the Make It Right Movement going forward. Mr. Raja is working tirelessly to realize the dream promised by the conceptual foundation of MIRM … that of creating an alliance of such vision and strength as to “do the right things instinctively and enthusiastically.” The Make It Right Movement is and will always be proactive with regard to identifying, assisting and fulfilling the needs of the poor disadvantaged of our society.