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BAC-PROHAM Human Rights Public Lecture Series – Gender & Human Rights



The Society for the promotion of Human Rights, or better known by its acronym PROHAM, has had a long standing working relationship with Brickfields Asia College (BAC) wherein together a lecture series is organized to discuss and elucidate on all matters pertaining to human rights in Malaysia. These lectures cover a wide range of issue that are relevant and current to the society at large.

On the 23rd of July 2015, Ms. Ivy Josiah was invited to deliver a lecture entitled “Gender and Human Rights: Why do bad things happen to women?”  Ivy Josiah is a well-known figure in the Malaysian Human Rights scene having specifically focused her attention on the rights of women and children. She has been actively involved with the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) acting as their President and Executive Director in the past. The work that she has done in the field of women’s rights in Malaysia make her an excellent authority in the field and well prepared to educate the listeners on the topic of the day.

Josiah’s down to earth personality and engaging style of speaking was taken very well by the attendees of the talk. She spoke about her experiences in the field working with battered women, some tragic stories that took the audiences breath away. She then went into how society as a whole can take steps to prevent these abuses. She broke down common myths associated with a battered woman and informed us that statistically, everyone in the room probably know someone that was a battered wife.


It was an eye opener for a lot of men and women in the audience and it reinforced the notion that Women’s rights are human rights as well and must be given due importance.