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A Chance for Change – BAC Model United Nations


“You are here to step into the shoes of UN ambassadors. Your goal may be to resolve a conflict, to cope with a natural disaster or to bring nations together on an issue like climate change. You may be playing a role, but you are also preparing for life. You are acting as global citizens.”

— United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Come December 2015, Brickfields Asia College (BAC) has tasked itself with recreating the spirit of diplomacy that defines the United Nations (UN). Model United Nations (MUN) — a simulation where students roleplay UN delegates — is more than just an extracurricular activity. It is an opportunity to change the world. From the moment you set foot in a MUN conference, you are the diplomat and you must represent your country’s interests in the global community.


“MUN taught us to be diplomats, to feel the weight of humanity in the palm of our hands, and to know that each decision we take have many implications. MUN has me realize that we, teenagers are powerful and our ideas can save the world or destroy it” said Archana Vijai Kumar, BAC law student and the Under Secretary General of the Press Team. “MUN has taught me so many things, the essence of friendship and peace, made me grow into a more beautiful and confident person. Today thanks to MUN, I can stand to fight for my rights on my own and that of others. I can fight for people and be a voice for those who don't have one.”


BAC MUN’s admirable mission aspires to motivate and mould students into future leaders in international affairs. Inspired by their motto for the conference, ‘Dum spiro, spero’ spero’ which translates to ‘While I breathe, I hope’, BACMUN will serve as a platform for aspiring student leaders to build the knowledge and skills needed to construct a better global future.


Ezra Ponnudurai, currently pursuing law at BAC and the Under Secretary General of Public Relations, stressed the impact that MUN has on young minds. “The most valuable weapon I have been gifted is diplomacy; a powerful and peaceful tool that can bind the world together and save the lives of millions of people. MUN showed us how we could bring about change together, to vision a new perspective of life for a peaceful world. It didn’t make me a new person, but made me discover my true passion. My voice is no more a shout in the dark, my voice can now be heard and I can be the change I wish to see in the world and all thanks to MUN for making me realize that.”


This conference gives students the opportunity to seek, through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the various problems of the world. The research and preparation required by these events gives students and insight into the world’s problems and enables them to critically analyse issues from a legal perspective.  These events also offer students an excellent opportunity to expand, develop and put into practice their academic and language skills.


Reuben De Rozario, Senior General Manager and Senior Lecturer at BAC, believes that MUN is the perfect opportunity for students to get involved, get passionate, and understand the world around them. “The skills they will gain in conflict resolution, public speaking, diplomacy and writing — and the friendships they will build — will last them a lifetime. No matter what path they choose in secondary school, college and beyond, MUN can help them get there!  The experience of working together to solve global challenges opens their eyes to the power of the international community to help people. It is our hope that BAC MUN can serve as a platform for innovation and a space to build relationships for students with a truly global array of perspectives.”


Reuben points out that there’s another, often overlooked capacity that MUN fosters: empathy. In BAC, Reuben works with many different institutions and professionals, and he says that without the ability to put himself in the shoes of others, he wouldn’t be able to do his job. It is through the development of so-called “people skills” — the ability to build and maintain relationships, manage competing interests and garner support for your ideas — that MUN really translates into professional success, he said.

MUN is a transformative experience that deepens participants’ understanding of the world and their place within it. Delegates emerge from MUN with open minds, fresh ideas and new friends. With the skills they develop in speaking, writing, negotiating and diplomacy, it is no surprise that many go on to become community and world leaders. Former MUNers who have gone on to become notable personalities include Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, actor Samuel L. Jackson and Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.


MUN President and conference Secretary General, Kriishand Gopala Krishna, currently studying for his A-Level at BAC, had this to say; “If it wasn’t for MUN, I would probably never have been so concerned in trying to solve the world’s problems as much as I am now.  I hope that one day I will be able to play a bigger part in the whole spectrum of things, and play a bigger part in the process of formulating solutions that will only make our society a better one.”


Reiterating BAC MUN’s values, Raja Singham (Managing Director, BAC) acknowledges the difficulty of learning to negotiate and compromise with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and perspectives. He believes that by increasing their knowledge of international affairs, expanding their worldview and developing vital leadership skills, MUN delegates are preparing to make a very real impact in the world. He went on to say “MUN can boost self-confidence, improve understanding of major international issues and, most importantly, develop capacity for leadership. If more young people participate in MUN, the world will likely see not only more great leaders, but ultimately positive outcomes.”


The BAC MUN Secretariat will be working tirelessly through the coming weeks to ensure that your delegate experience at BAC MUN 2015 is incredible, both substantively and socially, and we truly hope that you will join us from December 4th – 6th at the BAC PJ campus for a fantastic MUN experience. Please visit to see all of the committees and opportunities that will be offered at BAC MUN 2015.


For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following sites:





To sign up, just head on to and register as an Individual Delegate (General Assemblies; Specialised Committees) or as a Delegation. Early bird registration and fee (before November 16th) is RM80 per person. Registration and payment after November 16th is at RM90 per person. Closing date for registration and payment is November 30th.