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Be brave, be bold. Go bald!


November 29th, 2015 is an important day for a group of friends from Brickfields Asia College (BAC) who came together in June to form a team with a common goal; to make a difference in society. They found the perfect opportunity in the BAC Social Entrepreneurship Challenge (BSEC); a contest designed to encourage student entrepreneurs to use capitalism to try to solve social problems faced by many Malaysians today.


BSEC gives BAC students the tools, education and resources to become a social entrepreneur so they can improve the lives of people in their communities. This challenge requires students to form teams of 5 -10 people to launch an innovative activity or enterprise to aid a social cause close to their hearts. Each team received RM 3,000 in seed capital to finance their initiative.


BSEC uses a creative approach to offer students a unique learning experience which instills skills that a purely academic education may neglect. Students learn the importance of communication, commitment, critical thinking, innovation, and self-management. Students also gain transferable skills such as creativity, problem-solving and leadership. BSEC also improves student career prospects as leading a social project whilst in school increases their employability and fosters student generosity.


“Students need practical guidance on goal setting, time management, and persistence to make dreams happen. They have discovered that through perseverance and sheer determination, dreams do come true," said Daniel Abishegam, Senior Lecturer and BSEC Mentor. “The BSEC guides our students and equips them for success through entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning.”


Bald Pride invites people to shave and donate their hair to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. “Shavees” for Bald Pride show their support by shaving their heads voluntarily to show solidarity with cancer survivors who have lost their hair during their fight against this terrible disease.


Organised by a group of compassionate A-Level students, Bald Pride aims to raise money for the National Cancer Society Malaysia, honour loved ones, and create awareness about one of the challenges many people with cancer face.


“A friend of mine used to volunteer at a children's cancer ward back in Kuching. A young cancer patient wanted my friend to draw a picture of her. So my friend drew her the way she was the day she saw her - a beautiful girl with no hair. The young girl then timidly asked my friend; 'Can you draw me with hair?' This story hit me hard” related Farah Hanim, a BAC A-Level student and Bald Pride team member. “Patients shouldn't step out in public and feel ashamed about their hair loss. So what better way to convince them of this than by going bald ourselves?”


BAC’s Managing Director, Raja Singham, had this to say; “Social change starts right here, at BAC. When students are passionate, they are engaged. When students are empowered, they are unstoppable. Participating in this event is a great celebration of caring among the student body. The act of shaving your head to support complete strangers affected by cancer is a powerful thing.”


Patients are more than just their illness. And beauty is more than just your hair. It's about having an inquisitive mind, a courageous heart and a kind soul that gives hope to those who need it. Go bald to show your support to those who are still battling cancer, not only through words but through actions as well. Be brave, be bold. Go bald!

bald-art3 On Friday, November 29th from 1 pm – 4pm, all pledgers will go bald simultaneously at the BAC PJ campus. Participation is free with no fundraising minimum. This event is as much about the experience of the day as it is about raising money. We encourage conversation as much as fundraising. Raise as much as you can. Talk about it as much as you can.






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