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Hunger No More!


For many people in Malaysia, homelessness and hunger are real challenges. As such, the Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College (BAC), in collaboration with the Lions Club of Bukit Kiara, have volunteered their time to assist those in need.


Hungry No More is operated by a group of BAC students who are dedicated to ending hunger in Brickfields and the surrounding areas. These students collect donations from local companies to create food packs containing bread, fruit and mineral water to fill 100 biodegradable plastic bags that are then distributed to the homeless. 10 student volunteers visit the RCC Restaurant in Brickfields on the third Wednesday of each month to distribute these food packets.


 “Through this initiative, we aspire to instill in our students the value of giving and sharing with the less privileged members of the society,” said Mr. Raja Singham, Managing Director of BAC. “We wish to extend our appreciation to the Lions Club of Bukit Kiara and the local businesses for generously contributing to this humanitarian effort. Special thanks to our student volunteers for actively supporting this initiative, from fund raising to the distribution of food to needy families,” he added.


Special thanks go to Sweetie Confectionary for sponsoring the bread, Jernih for sponsoring the bottles of water, San Hao Fruit Mart for the fruits and Polyseed Co for the biodegradable plastic bags.